terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

If only I could say what it feels like…
If only I could talk to somebody…. Somebody who understood…
Nobody would.
Maybe I was too naive to believe when you said you liked me,
Too stupid to think we were in love with each other,
A dreamer, dreaming about our future.
Maybe I am too young to know what love is... But,seriously,do you?

[Hope you understand this time… I made it in English.]

10 comentários:

  1. If only you knew what is out there...
    If only you could meet the right guy...

    Maybe you´ll know
    He waits for you too.

  2. I already met the right one...
    But it seems like I'm not the right one for him...

  3. Maybe, just maybe... he's not ready for you yet.
    Maybe because he knows how much of the world you can move when you feel like it. Maybe because he's seen your picture and appreciates your unique way of going down the stairs...or maybe because sometimes, it's just hard to see.

  4. "But it seems like I'm not the right one for him..."

    So to fight for or to move on, that is the question?
    My dear Dr. Watson...

    ...don´t you love simple choices?

  5. "he's not ready for you yet"- u can do better than this! What a simple coward thing to say,isn't it?

    And it's not up to me to make that decision.

    By the way... I'm not Watson, I'm Sherlock.

  6. Just for clarification Sherlock... I was"Anónimo 08:59 and 10:34"...Anónimo 13:55 is someone else.

    Maybe we should use names...just maybe...

    Anyway...hope it works out with you both.
    To love or not to love...that is a question! :)

  7. Yap... u should use names... or give some tip of who u are. I'm kind of lost...

  8. "I am as big as a H
    looking for an A and a P"
    "I am full of B
    Captivated by a R"
    "I look 4 FF
    every time in black & white"
    Can u guess my number?
    :p v

    ...pensei passar por aki e dar ambiente.
    Força amanhã!

  9. "I am as big as a A
    looking for a H and an SM"
    "I am full of F
    Captivated by a P"
    "I look 4 U
    every time in black & white"

    I think I know who u are ! ;)

    Amanha n vou,so dia 5. Obrigada à mesma.

    Your comment was the 8th,by the way.
    ;) v

  10. "Anónimo 27 de Junho de 2011 13:55" I really want to know who u are...